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Some will say that a girl as built as Emilia Boshe should not get preferential treatment simply because she has huge, natural tits. These people are ignorant. That's exactly why she should get it! We know major talent when we see it.

Novis seems annoyed that Emilia is a visiting maid cleaning his apartment, her massive boobs dangling and shaking as she scrubs, dusts and buffs. He'd rather she buff and scrub him. Her talents should be applied to the finer things in life, and we know what that is.

Finally, he can't take anymore of her floor show and her low-hanging breast-fruit and he makes his move. Emilia is very receptive to his unsolicited housekeeping advice. He reaches out to play with her sensitive breasts. Each breast is a two-hander. One hand is not enough to pick it up. She loves to have them sucked on and squeezed. Tit-play warms her up.

The gloves come off as Emilia sucks his boner and buffs it with her soft breast flesh. The housecleaning is over so they can sex it up on… Read More »
Featuring: Emilia Boshe and Novis
Date: June 5th, 2015
Duration: 20:29

Member Comments

4 months ago 
Love these kind of girls. Bring em' back or recruit some more. I need more.
4 months ago 
I really wish this guy would have came all over her face... I know I would have...
1 year ago 
If Score could Keep Monthly updates of Emilia B. sucking Dick Every Month , with those Perfect Pretty Titts , THOSE MASSIVE Boobs I stay member 24/7, KEEP Emilia on that score dick ,
2 years ago 
Emilia Du bist eine wundersch�ne geile Fickschlampe, Du hast geile gro�e Naturtitten mit gro�en Brustwarzen und gro�en Nippeln eine geile gro�e Fickfotze und einen saugeilen gro�en Fickarsch!!!!
Du bist die wirklich geilste Fotze von Scoreland mit Deiner Superfigur.....
2 years ago 
dame she got some huge knockers my my my
3 years ago 
3 years ago 

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This is a day and an event that no one predicted would happen at SCORELAND. Emilia Boshe getting her sex on with a SCORE stud. Many have asked. When Emilia said yes, we did not ask what changed her mind. Making sure one of Germany's bustiest naturals was satisfied was Tom's goal. Emilia enters the bedroom all smiles. She's a knockout in sexy lingerie and high heels, happily squeezing her huge breasts in Tom's direction. The heavy breathing begins. Tom comes over to Emilia and takes over the handling of her heavy weights. He buries his face between them, licking, kissing and fondling her national treasures. He asks Emilia to help him lower her bra and free them so he can get at her nipples and suck them hard. Emilia gets on the bed so Tom can continue the breastivities. He takes his shaft out and hands it over to Emilia. She jacks him and gets on top so she can bury his cock inside her cleavage. Pulling his schvanz out of her knocker-nest, Emilia goes down on him, sucking a cock for the first time at SCORELAND. Tom wants Emilia kneeling on the bed so he can see her tits dangling and hanging while her lips encircle his boner. She even sucks him hands-free. Tom lays Emilia on the bed and stretches her out. She is under his control, his to enjoy as he pleases. He kneads Emilia's massive mams again, feasting on her fleshy jugs on this breast holiday, savoring the taste of her skin, sinking into the softness of her cushiony cans. Turning Emilia on her side, Tom touches Emilia's pussy, rubbing her clit. He whispers in her ear and she sticks out her tongue. Tom wants to fuck her. Is she ready to be fucked? Emilia's ready. Tom slips his cock into her pussy and pounds her, increasing the power of his thrusts until the room is filled with the sounds of their flesh slapping loudly against each other. Emilia has to hold her tits because they're swinging so wildly as his prick slams deep into her pink. Their body pumping continues in doggie and missionary. Emilia has never shown this much sheer pleasure and smiled so much until now. It's epic.
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Response to Emilia Boshe's first hardcore event at SCORELAND has been good. Seanster's comments are a snapshot of most members' reaction to seeing Emilia. "Wonderful XXX video!! Perhaps the best all-natural big tits sex scene I have seen in quite a while. This lady is a total goddess. Thoroughly enjoyed this and I hope it's the first of many. Emilia is a big tit man's sex dream!! Would love to see more footage of her bouncing on top cowgirl style and more tit-fucking!!! Thanks for this fantastic video. Get Emilia in a threesome." In this encore, Emilia has fitness trainer Dennis come over. Her nipples and areolae are visible through her thin halter top. Dennis first begins by stretching out Emilia's arms. Things get quickly out of hand, or should we say "in hand." Emilia follows Dennis' instructions to lay on her side so he can stretch her legs. He scissors and massages Emilia's leg. She gets on her back for more stretching and then into a doggie pose. Her huge tits squish into the mattress as she is manipulated up and down. Emilia says her muscles ache in a spot above her big boobs. Dennis massages the area, moving his hands down until they land on Emilia's knockers. From behind, his arms reach around her to massage her hardening nipples through the sheer material. The training session goes off target quickly at this point. Dennis takes each breast out of Emilia's top and feasts on them. She straddles his chest so he can bury his face inside her cavernous cleavage while she takes hold of his cock and jacks him with her sly smile. The couple get into a 69 position and get busy. Very busy. Dennis buries his tongue in Emilia's pussy while her head diligently bobs up and down on his wood. Ready to rock on his cock, Emilia, still in a 69, gets into a squat position, take his shaft in her hand and inserts it into her boom-boom box. She mounts Dennis in a cowgirl, her back to him, her powerful thighs propping her up. She leans back, arms flanking him for balance and pumps up and down, her massive melons bouncing and jiggling. The loud slapping of their colliding bodies and heavy breathing fills the room with the unmistakable sounds of sex. Emilia's a lusty, horny, big tit superwoman and Dennis can't help but lose it in her deep cleavage.
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