Lucy In Polish Brick House

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Lucy In Polish Brick House

Lucy is a new model we found on a roadtrip to Germany. She's Polish and bulit like a brick tit-house. In magazine format, Lucy debuts in April '09 SCORE and May 2009 Voluptuous, but members are seeing Lucy right away in a pictorial and a video. Since Lucy speaks little English, our video editors have subtitled her German dialog. She walks into the living room dressed in her tightest dress and gets down to it without missing a beat, showing us how big her boobs are and how tight her pussy is. Our SCORE stunt-dick, Neeo, is a true tit-man and lavishes his attention on her naturals. Lucy gets on her knees for a blowjob to start the proceedings. We would rate her cock sucking skills a 7+. She does it hands-free, (which is a good thing) using one hand to hold and tickle his nutbag. Our man is pro-active and fucks her mouth and holds her head while she's blowing him. There's a slight penalty when he takes his cock out of her mouth to tap her lips with his cock like a hammer, a… Read More »

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Featuring: Lucy and Neeo
Date: February 14th, 2009
Duration: 22:32

Member Comments

8 years ago 
Damn she fine

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