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The Mountains Of Jamaica

Wow! Look at those lush mountains in this Micky video! Aren't they massive? Beautiful? Who would not love to scale those majestic peaks of plenty. And those mountains behind Micky are okay too, maybe worth a postcard. Micky's braless mountains are ready to burst out of her dress any second. This is a dangerous dress for Micky to wear in public. Everyone would be waiting and watching for a nipple slip. She never fails to impress. "Sometimes men are intimidated because of my boobs," Micky says. "A lot of men have never seen boobs as big as mine, so they are taken aback." That's understandable. "I feel very proud when people look at my big chest. Not a lot of women have large boobs like mine. In fact, women get operations and get fake breasts just to make them this big. I am glad that people like what they see and look at me. I like the attention." Thanks for sharing, Micky! Read More »

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Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: June 19th, 2012
Duration: 17:58

Member Comments

5 years ago 
The mountains of Jamaica as far as I can tell are incredibly soft and smooth! And her pussy is oh, so pretty!
8 years ago 
She sounds very German to me. Perhaps from around Studgart?
A very forgiving but a no nonsense kind of woman and, of course, to qualify for Scoreland she has to be quite a woman and she is. All males here share a common affectation, irrespective of our backgrounds, with respect to to a particular attribute of some women; and, for that I offer no apology. While we all may be politically incorrect, at least we are all straight males and the ladies at least know that they are not only admired by us, but in many cases, worshiped.
8 years ago 
Her beautiful breasts are the kind that inspire great works of art. Wait a minute Micky IS a great work of art!
8 years ago 
I would love to bury my face in those!

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