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The Restroom Breastroom

Selexia Rae is a green-eyed blonde with a yearning for sex on the wild side. She likes to play hot games and for this SCORELAND video, Selexia has chosen a gritty public restroom to play nasty. She slips in to get off by her own hand for some quickie relief and at the last minute, decides to write her phone number on the toilet tank. Masturbating is great but not enough. She needs a real beef injection and she needs it bad. She leaves but stays close-by to answer the call of nature. Levi drops by to use the stall and sees her number. Taking a gamble, he calls the number and they set up a one-shot booty call. Selexia comes back and they waste no time getting down to the fuckin' and suckin'. Selexia gets the big load she's been looking for and Levi gets his rocks off. Everybody wins. See the photos in SCORELAND's Hardcore Special. Read More »
Featuring: Selexia Rae and Levi Cash
Date: August 1st, 2009
Duration: 20:29

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7 years ago 
Bring us more of Selexia!!

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