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Pink Lingerie Paradise

Terri Jane models frilly pink lingerie that's cut like a mono-kini. She can't keep her hands off her body and her extremely heavy tits. She hovers over the camera, squeezing and rubbing her 30K's and whispers about the things she would like to do. Her tawny nipples stand out on her pale, velvety flesh. Terri turns her back to the camera and bends over to remove her lingerie, holding the position to provide an ass inspection. Now totally nude, Terri continues to rub and massage her enormous natural resources. She whispers about rubbing and touching herself, and being rubbed and touched. Terri removes her heels and lies back on a divan to continue her breast show, parting her legs to show her shaved pussy. Terri is a girl who clearly gets a lot of pleasure and self-gratification from having huge tits and looks at them as assets, not liabilities. Just 21, she only recently decided to show the world her luscious body. Terri could have kept her treasure chest just for herself and whoever… Read More »

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Featuring: Terri Jane
Date: March 12th, 2011
Duration: 12:37

Member Comments

2 years ago 
8 years ago 
Terri is just ridiculously hot! Especially in this Incredibly sexy outfit.
9 years ago 
Yer Teri can talk dirty I luv those boobs and the figure very sexy.
10 years ago 
The set is posting April 24.
10 years ago 
Where's the pics ?
10 years ago 
I can't wait to see those titties get fucked!
10 years ago 
This is why I love Scoreland!! Terri Jane is fantastic. Those pendulous, vein
engorged, orbs of love are spectacular! Where do you find these women?
Looking forward to a long career for her. I too would love to see her pole vault
on one of your big studs. Oh, if they can't make it, GIVE ME A CALL!!
10 years ago 
wow she is a GODDESS
10 years ago 
so i have a new addition to the exclusive list of my top fav stars!!!
10 years ago 
Terri is a real treat. A splendid discovery. More please!
10 years ago 
Now this lady is hot. Perfect voluptuous curves. Yummy
10 years ago 
Teri Jane is the BBV Newbie of the year! I would love a photo set soon Please! She's hot in this video, even though she doesn't pierce her pussy. Can't imagine how hot the video will when she finally does masturbate. Thanks!
10 years ago 
Dear god! Terri is like a more daring Ashley Sage Ellison! I hope she get even MORE daring, and shws us how naughty she can be. Your so beautiful Terri Jane! PLEASE, show us more!
10 years ago 
Sweet girl. I love her pretty face, bedroom voice and beautiful figure. It's a shame to see that many tatoos on such a lovely body (my pet peeve, I suppose) but everything else is exquisite. Scoreland, my respects!
10 years ago 
Thanks Scoreland, I'm moving to the UK!
10 years ago 
OMG!!! MAGNIFICENT!! When go we get boy-girl????
10 years ago 
So beautifully massive boobs.

They must be some of the world's best shaped boobs and Terri loves massaging them
over and over. She can't keep her hands off her boobs.
In her low seductive voice I loved it when she invited us all to play with her nipples.

Some women can breast orgasm. Can we all try to help Terri get her nipples erect so
she can have a breast orgasm. Let's all get gooey with Terri.

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