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The Tit-Fuck Tryout team's boob radar indicates that a real hottie is in the vicinity. Sure enough, the very sexy and fresh Whitney Stevens strolls by, dressed to wreak havoc upon the city's traffic system. Such girls are dangerous and should be locked up for society's protection. The Boobologist team uses girls to do their hunting because if a guy asked Whitney to jump up and down in the street and doubted her naturalness, she'd smack him in the head with her handbag. Whitney agrees to meet The Boobologist in the Tit-Mobile, the same dude who nailed Brianna Bragg. Feeling up Whitney's tits, he proclaims them 100% natural. Then Whitney gets the pitch. Is she interested in doing the Tit-Fuck Tryout against four other girls? You betcha! 'Cause this is a SCORE movie! Back at the ranch, Mr. Boobs helps Whitney undress so he can get to slurping on her beautiful mams. He easily gets Whitney to suck one nipple while he sucks the other and spends a lot of time pinching her nipples and rubbing… Read More »
Date: December 27th, 2008
Duration: 26:44

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7 years ago 
vanilla icing and..sprinkles come to mind..for some reason...I have NO idea why...aaargh
7 years ago 
Whitney Stevens is my favorite porn star. No woman has better boobs than she has.

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