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"I Like Playing Wii Topless"

The DD-cupped veterinary technician is satisfied best of all when a boyfriend "wears his C-ring and I'm on top. That really hits every part of me. I just go into outer space." She also likes chicks. "I love sex with girls, especially pretty blonde ones with a great ass!" Anastasia's not sure how long she wants to model. Right now, it's a lark. I don't think I'm there yet with doing anything with guys but showing my pussy and playing with dildos, that's okay for me." She likes guys who "are able to have an intelligent conversation without trying too hard to impress me. Eye contact is really the best way to impress me. And a nice ass is good too! The worst thing a guy who hasn't seen me in a long time can say is, 'Wow! You've put on some weight!' Even in general, be careful saying that to girls." No need for a swanky time to impress Ms. Blake either. "Movie and dinner are cool but way over-rated. I like a nice chill time that's really not like a date at all. Get togethers with mutual…
Featuring: Anastasia Blake
Date: March 17th, 2012
Duration: 60

Member Comments

3 years ago 
I'd like to watch her play wii naked. tHat would be the best video ever!!!
6 years ago 
I really like Anastasia. She is sexy from head to toe. She has a really sexy belly and her ass is awesome. Her solo sets are great!

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