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Angelina Vallem does it all. Breast-crazed men. Hot girls. She hooked up with Terry Nova and Marille to screw two guys in an orgy for On Location Prague. Her English is not fluent but her dicktation is perfect and that's all that counts. Angelina's pussy is thick-lipped and meaty, meant for lengthy licking, lapping and deep-tongue insertion. She is not aggressive but she is assertive and she knows what she wants. After a date, she would not leave you flat. She'd fuck the spunk out of you, then make you a sandwich and pour you a glass of beer, because she's a down-to-earth girl. She doesn't act like her poop doesn't smell, big shot porn star, just a heavy-titted, attractive plumpie who likes to fuck a lot and cum as much as she can. When our studio people were back in Prague, they called Angelina up, left a voicemail and asked her to bare her 38F flesh-melons once again. She called back, then showed up at our place with a bag of hot clothes and underwear including some retro-titty…
Featuring: Angelina Vallem
Date: February 10th, 2010
Duration: 49

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Move along Wilson, there are those here that love these women exactly as they are. Pay no attention to Wilson Angelina, you are absolutely beautiful.
9 years ago 
love her thick and scrumptious body.....pic 17 is the best...
9 years ago 
Shut up. You are full of shit. If you do not like "V" girls,then leave. This girl is beautiful.
9 years ago 
With the exception of Katrina Hart, who is gorgeous and sexy, the rest are ugly and fat. A little meat is fine, but these chicks are over the top. Please find chicks with natural tits who are pleasing to look at naked.

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