Joy To The World

Joy To The World

Sometimes we wish we had a machine that could read minds so we could listen to the thoughts of women when they see Ashley's 36J-cups. Just imagine what they're thinking. "I was the biggest-breasted girl in school," says Ashley, saying exactly what we expected to hear. "I've got two younger sisters. My middle sister has big breasts too. My youngest sister doesn't, at least not yet! I was never teased in school because we had to cover them up and hide them. I would get in trouble if I didn't. So no one saw them. I didn't play a lot of sports in school. It's a bit hard to run with boobs like this. I played a little basketball, but that was about it. Swimming is a problem because they tend to float." It's redundant to ask a busty girl if her chest gets her noticed but we have to. It's in our DNA. "They get me noticed when I go out. They attract a lot of men. People ask me to take pictures with them or go out with them. Actually, I'll get stared at all night when I go out." So Ashley's…

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Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: June 17th, 2009
Photos: 90

Member Comments

7 years ago 
She has got such a gorgeous derriere. Perhaps with a little waist work she could easily become, in my humble opinion, the best of the lot. A truly beautiful young woman. For once the guys here are in apparent agreement. Amazing!
9 years ago 
I love this set. Ashley is such a beautiful and glamorous
lady. I love pictorials that feature her in luxurious and
casual clothing. She has gorgeous features in all ways.
She complements her natural beauty with excellent makeup,
hairstyle and fashion. Her body wrapped in sexy tops and
clothing is fantastic. I hope she does mroe work with TSG.

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