Passion For Fashion

Passion For Fashion

Being a beautician back home in her native Manchester, Ashley Sage is a perfectionist about her clothes, her hair and all that good girl-stuff. This is one of her hottest outfits to date since she began appearing in SCORE and V-Mag. Does she like being a beauty specialist? "I love it. You get to work with a lot of people on a personal level. You can also, I don't know, tell them what's wrong with them and how they look and they rarely get upset about it. It's cool and strange at the same time. I can tell someone that their hair style or fingernail color is all wrong, and they act like I'm giving them the secret to life or something." We can tell Ashley what the secret of a man's life is. Ashley and girls like her!

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Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: October 20th, 2010
Photos: 76

Member Comments

3 years ago 
I was rock hard before she even took her top off. Amazing tits on a really sweet girl.
5 years ago 
damn she's hot as fuck!!!
6 years ago 
Who cares about pubic hair honestly.
9 years ago 
What a curvy chubby Goddess!
10 years ago 
Gorgeous, though I wish she would show a nice 'legs up in the air' slice shot, Faith does these occasionally.

And yes, grow out the pubes. Please! A+ for Ashley
10 years ago 
Just when life is so overwhelming and you feel like need for some relief, there are photo spreads like this to change the course of day. Thanks Ashley, thanks Scoreland.
10 years ago 
I'm going to give Ashley the secret to life: a nice, thick patch of pubic hair makes men salivate.
10 years ago 
Can't get enough of this girl. I keep holding out hope that will be used as more than just a placeholder.

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