Blaze of Glory

SCORELAND's Blog asked if Bella Blaze packed enough boob projection to qualify for SCORE. The truth is, we see girls at the mall, the beach and other places and they look pretty busty to us at first glance, especially if they're wearing the right bra or top. But the majority of them just don't stack up by SCORE's demanding standards of the past 18 years. A D-cup is a training bra here but huge in the eyes of the rest of the world. The BLOG results about Bella were a resounding yes. Out of 238 votes, 82% said go for it. So the bartender from Michigan makes her SCORE debut this issue. Bella likes a nice, relaxing day at the beach, watching basketball and football, Will Ferrell movies, dancing, traveling and music. She's not into any fetishes, She's not into any fantasies or role-playing sex games and says, "I like sex straight and forward." Her kinkiest time was in a casino/hotel's hot tub. "Not really kinky but out of the usual." What about home alone time? "I don't own very many sex…

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Featuring: Bella Blaze
Date: May 28th, 2010
Photos: 86

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Truer words were never spoken - "A D-cup is a training bra here but huge in the eyes of the rest of the world."
5 years ago 
Everything about her I love...her face, her mouth...the boobs that are bigger than they appear.. her nipples, long legs, sweet pussy...that flat soft belly...she is amazing!
10 years ago 
Now this is a masetpiece. Very sexy!!!
11 years ago 
super HOT 1!
11 years ago 
Incredibly beautiful girl, perfect body, breathtaking breasts! Bella is bellissima.
Scoreland, you gotta get us more!
11 years ago 
Its not just you Semaj! The resemblance is very close. Too bad she doesnt do more vids! Absolutly beautiful!
11 years ago 
Is it me, or does Bella Blaze (who is smoking hot!) bear a striking resemblance to Gianna Rossi? They coud be sisters. How about a pictoral with them together? With a guy? Bella looks like she would be game.
11 years ago 
fantastic, love her tatoos as well
11 years ago 
Absolutely Fucking Hot!!!! Be Careful!

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