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Extreme Sweater Stretching

Even the most experienced bra-maker would drop to his knees and clutch his head--and possibly need a tranquilizer--upon seeing the impossible tits of Beshine. We don't know any bra-makers who have seen a photo of Beshine. Maybe one of you knows one. They simply don't manufacture bras that could fit her. They have to be made to order. "I can't buy them in a store," Beshine says to no one's surprise. "I have to have them custom-made. It's very difficult to order them because there's no size that can possibly fit me because I am so slim and my boobs are so large. I have them made by companies in Germany, America and the UK. They don't come in my size! I just ask for the biggest size they have, and they send it, and then I can try it on and say, 'Yes, it fits,' or not. Sometimes I like them classy, sometimes I like them sexy. I can't be picky about my bras. Support can make them sexy because then they lift my breasts and make them seem even better. I like bras with flowers and lace. And…
Featuring: Beshine
Date: June 12th, 2011
Duration: 71

Member Comments

3 days ago 
I love the big boobs of Beshine
1 year ago 
Please bring back Beshine.
2 years ago 
7 years ago 
simply majestic. more beshine ! a south beach visit has to be
in the cards.
7 years ago 
Best score photoset ever!!! Gimme more!
7 years ago 
Yer yer good keep em cuming.
7 years ago 
Would love to see her with a big black guy.
7 years ago 
I want - nay I NEED to make babies with Beshine. Or at the very least practice
making them time after time after time.
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