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Going Commando

A former military brat, Brianna Bragg leaves many a man fatigued and we have the pictures and videos to prove it. As a matter of fact, she looks pretty damn good in fatigues herself. Maybe that's why she likes to go commando.

Brianna is an outdoors lover. She'll pitch your tent. She rides horses, goes boating, fishing and hunting. She likes to shoot firearms and enjoys vintage muscle cars. She goes for the rugged military guys who take control of her in very way.

Brianna's had her share of public sex (in elevators and dressing rooms) and admits she's a full-blown exhibitionist. Hey, she wouldn't get railed with a camera rolling if she wasn't!
Featuring: Brianna Bragg
Date: June 3rd, 2013
Duration: 50

Member Comments

5 years ago 
I always enjoy photo sets that have the model climbing on playground equipment. This is probably my favorite Brianna set for that reason. The thing I like most about Brianna is the hair in her ass crack. It is so damn sexy it drives me crazy!
5 years ago 
I would love to wake up next to her every day!
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