Brittany O'Neil Joins The BBC Club

Brittany O'Neil Joins The BBC Club

"This is my first interracial scene ever," Brittany O'Neil says at the beginning of "Brittany O'Neil Joins The BBC Club." In all the time that Brittany has rocked the house at SCORE, she has never gone black. Until now. Brittany joins Lucas Stone on the couch and gets cozy. She's been checking him out and he's been checking her out. The front of Brittany's sexy dress is open to just below the bottom of her cleavage and her tits come perilously close to falling out. Lucas is hypnotized by her famous tanned bustline created by her bikini sunbathing. The famous Brittany O'Neil tanned body. The creamy white skin not tanned by the sun encircles her dark nipples. He cannot resist a feel and complimenting her body. "I hear today is your first interracial," Stone says. "Yes, it is," replies Brittany. "You picked the right guy for the job," Stone replies. "I get the best, huh? Lucky girl," Brittany tells him. Stone is transfixed by Brittany's tits. "Play with them all you want," she…
Featuring: Brittany O'Neil and Lucas Stone
Date: July 14th, 2011
Duration: 85

Member Comments

7 years ago 
Awesome photo set! Brittany definitely has the loveliest of posies. Lover her pussy hair!
7 years ago 
Brittany is hotter than ever! One of the all time top ten score girls. Incredible...everything. Standing ovation! Encore please?
7 years ago 
It's about time!

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