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Double Chavon

"I almost always wear a bra," says Chavon Taylor. "If not an actual bra, then a sports bra. Always something because I don't want to have saggage in the future. When I go out in public, I am always wearing Bebe of some sort, and of course a pair of heels. Hair and make-up is a must. My outfits always match. My perfect evening is one where I can get decked out with my girls and go to a huge house party to have a bomb-ass time. I am not a big fan of the formal date. The dates I like are the kind when a guy brings me to a party or club or someplace really happening. I used to be a cheerleader so I'm always dancing. I hate it when guys just out of nowhere will come over to me and say something like 'Wanna fuck?' I mean, obviously, we all want to fuck eventually. But guys need to work up to that moment and can't just skip over the intro parts. Pick-up lines are so overrated. I don't think any guy needs to use them or waste their money buying courses from some 'pick-up king.' I love it when…
Featuring: Chavon Taylor
Date: April 22nd, 2012
Duration: 40
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