A Ride In The Country

A Ride In The Country

At 5' and 105 pounds, Chica is a tiny, little thing with big tits that look even bigger on that beautiful, small frame. She's a little doll. Our crew took Chica out to the scenic countryside for this photo shoot and simply let her do her thing. She really embraces the camera. Veteran SCORE Guys, who does Chica's personality and attitude remind you of? Angelique, maybe? They have that same happy, sexual glint in their eyes. Angelique always got off emotionally when she posed, knowing that countless men were enjoying her, and Chica has that same kind of vibe. Chica says that a man attracts her attention by looking at her tits. "If a man looks at my breasts, then I know he wants me and that gets me interested in him. I believe it all begins in the eyes. The oddest pick-up line a man ever said to me was 'I'd like to suck your asshole.' I thought to myself, 'What a dirty thing to say but it sounded so funny because it was so strange to say so quickly. Not let's go out for coffee or a date,…

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Featuring: Chica
Date: December 20th, 2011
Photos: 40

Member Comments

5 years ago 
Love petite brown women with huge tits - Chica is amazing, and didn't stay around long. Someone got lucky there ,,,
6 years ago 
To quote the 1990's song: bombon Chica, Chica bombon.
7 years ago 
my fav model on her , its hard not get to hard
10 years ago 
thanks for the awesome pics of Chica, I can't wait to see more
10 years ago 
her skin tone is delicious

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