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Swimsuit Stretcher

Claudia Marie came from a small town in South Carolina. Now she's busting bras and bikinis and snapping straps for the pleasure of big-jug seekers around the globe. We asked our photographer to take Claudia out and have her try on swimsuits. After all, this is South Florida. People shop at drug stores in swimsuits. We just never saw anyone built like Claudia doing that.

The path to big-tit land began when Claudia was working in a strip club.

"I was actually bartending at a strip club, which is how I met my husband," Claudia said. "He was there as a stripper. I was managing the club, and it was a female strip club, but we decided to have a ladies night. I hired a male strip group, and he came in. I was still married to my previous husband of 12 years, who had taken my virginity and was the only man I'd ever been with.

"I was 26. I'd met my first husband in high school. I met Mr. Marie that night. I fucked him in my office of the strip club that night, and I left my husband two weeks…
Featuring: Claudia Marie
Date: October 1st, 2015
Duration: 50

Member Comments

3 years ago 
Claudia is a perfect woman everything any guy would love.
3 years ago 
This lady is HOT as Hell! I am Jonesin' to see this gorgeous lady with longer hair just once.
3 years ago 
She is FAN-TAS-TITC !!! Please bring her back often, and give us anal and interracial: she is the Queen of IR anal, ideally a DP !!! Can't WAIT to see more of her on Scoreland...
3 years ago 
What a great fuck she'd be! Sexy and nasty..
3 years ago 
She just strikes me as nasty woman, esp with the shorter hair. Just a trampy nasty woman. So thanks for finally getting her in Scoreland, I'm sure I'll enjoy this set as much as the others! My thoughts of her would probably make even HER blush!
3 years ago 
Another awesome set, thanks Claudia.
3 years ago 
A body built for SEX.
3 years ago 
That's what I call a sex-bomb!

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