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Big Tits & Slammin' Sex

Bra-strap snapping newcomer Dani Moore likes sex hard, rough and pounding. She's built for slammin' and wham-bammin' action by a strong dude. And what Dani wants, Dani gets! At least at SCORELAND.

Dani's had lots of sex at work (which she talked about in the video "Sex On The Job") and she's always up for new sexual experiences. That's why she took the advice of a friend and decided to show off her stuff as an adult model.

Now Dani is not a swinger or a nudist. She's not a stripper or a cam-girl. Dani waitressed at a strip club for a month and that was as far as it went. "I was too scared to go on stage," Dani said. Some customers wanted to see her up there with her boobs and ass in their faces but they just weren't persuasive enough.

That fear is gone-gone-gone now as Dani does her first XXX scene at SCORELAND.
Featuring: Dani Moore and Carlos Rios
Date: November 8th, 2013
Duration: 70
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