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"Most men want to look in my eyes, but they get stuck around my tits," says Desiree. "Guys compliment me on my eyes, but I know they are not looking at my eyes. They are always looking at my boobs. I look at their faces, but they are not staring at my eyes."

Desiree was going to be a police officer but she changed her mind and became a boob-star. As much as busty cops are a hot fantasy, busty massage-parlor girls with 36DDD natural jugs are just as hot too.

Desiree's client in this scene is a gentleman with a big black cock who spends at least 15 minutes at this men's spunk spa several times a week for fast relief. The cream-skinned redhead must call him Master at all times when she soaps him up in the jack shack's tub room. This makes his dick even harder. Jerking him by hand and banging his cock with her soft, smooth natural tits until he blows a load makes the rest of his day more tolerable.

No surprise that Desiree is one of the most-popular girls at this pulled-pork palace.…
Featuring: Desiree and Lucas Stone
Date: October 15th, 2013
Duration: 35

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