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The Big-Titted Girl In Gold Boots

The very word "desire" is in Desiree's name. Alone and horny, Bruno checks out an outcall escort service and picks Desiree as his sex date for the night. No doubt he has seen her SCORE videos and pictures, and wants some of that too. Desiree arrives dressed in her finest hooker wear; a tight, low-cut dress, a bikini top under the dress to secure her 36DDD jugs, thigh-high black-mesh stockings, black mesh panties and the topper, long gold boots that go up to her thighs. This dude is going to have a fun time tonight. She asks her new trick-daddy what he would like to be served. Does he want his cock-sucked? Does he want to fuck her tits? Bruno goes for broke and wants total full-service. He wants his dick licked. He wants to fuck Desiree. He wants to jizz her jiggling jugs. Desiree delivers. She knows what guys want: the busty fuck-slut fantasy. He's made a fine choice in hookers when he picked Desiree. She makes housecalls, a rarity these days, and she'll bust his nut good with a…
Date: January 21st, 2012
Duration: 62

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6 years ago 
Wow...I am SO glad you decided to come out of retirement,
Desiree! Thanks so much for being your sexy self, and getting
me off over and over with these great fuck scenes!
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