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Dolly Delight Duz Montego Bay

Despite a sex survey that claimed that Bristol, England allegedly has the smallest-breasted residents in the United Kingdom, it seemed only right that Dolly Delight lives in Bristol, England. After all, "bristols" is Cockney slang for big tits. Bristol is also home to SCORE babe Cathy Barry, another stacked showgirl. Dolly joined the SCORE team in the Caribbean where she proved to be as delightful as her name and as sexy as the scenery. "When I was younger, I thought about having big boobs all the time," Dolly told us. "I actually have photographs of me putting balloons down my top and prancing about. I have pictures of me doing that, and I'm wearing a shirt that says, 'Here comes big trouble,' so it must have been from a young age that I was into them. I don't know. And now I have them, so I guess you could say I'm living a dream. They measure thirty-four J or 32 double-J, depending on the bra I wear." And now Dolly truly is a living doll. Dolly's…
Featuring: Dolly Delight
Date: July 10th, 2011
Duration: 53

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Photo shoots like this one are why I get hard and horny every morning!!!
6 years ago 
bring her back!
7 years ago 
Would love to see her in a boy/girl.THat would be mind blowing to watch.Please consider this request.
7 years ago 
echoing the comments about the return of the super stacked and slim!
7 years ago 
I agree with Joey
7 years ago 
Oh Dolly you are so fine!!!!
7 years ago 
Hooray the super silcone slim and stacked models are back welcome Dolly I hope to see more of you I was growing tired of all the naturly stacked but very fat models, a word of advice your tits are big enough perfect actually be happy with them and Score please more ladies like the lovely Dolly thanks.
7 years ago 
Great going, another great find for the Score Group! I love this model and the way she just shows her beauty, right down to her toes! I really love the look of the ladies barefoot, more of this please!
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