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Faith's Waiting Game

Finding Faith was relatively easy for R.P, a veteran SCORE reader. He'd walked into a club where Faith was dancing and got a lap dance in the dimly lit room. But not just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill lap dance. He got one of best ever by the kind of babe he likes, a pretty girl with huge tits and a beautiful body. After getting Faith's phone, itself a miracle, and giving it to SCORE, the waiting began. SCORE's staff phoned Faith every week for five months without success. Faith had no shyness about lapping strangers in dark clubs but she was reluctant to show her sweet pussy and huge naturals for the cameras. Surprising? Not hardly. A lot of busty dancers don't want to bare all in magazines, videos or websites for personal reasons. To get Faith would take great faith. To create the SCORE Theater video Faith Stevens' Fantasy Photo Shoot would take more than faith. It would take persistence.
Featuring: Faith Stevens
Date: December 17th, 2009
Duration: 58
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