The Ol' Ball-gag & Chain

Felicia Clover with a ball-gag in her mouth? The wholesome, apple-pie cheeked redhead with the super-voluptuous figure? Bound at the wrists and ankles like some sacrificial maiden? At least Felicia's not tied to the railroad tracks! Immediately following the big-tit bondage photos is an anatomy course of specially posed head-to-toe shots of her succulent curvy form.

Never fear. Snidely Whiplash never gets the chance to have his dastardly way with our helpless heroine. Once Felicia is freed of her bonds, her hands head south to play a sexy tune on her clitty.

Actually Felicia has been exploring the weird world of bondage and discipline and she feels that she really likes it. So this is a practice that Felicia will be getting deeper into as time goes by.

Felicia appears so far in six magazines and four DVDs and November '13 V-mag is her second V-mag cover in under a year.

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Featuring: Felicia Clover
Date: June 28th, 2013
Duration: 90

Member Comments

7 months ago 
@m3139906, Agreed!..I don't blame you one bit bro!
@Pornstar, LOL...Exactly! That's all that needs to be said!
Felicia is making me feel so good right now I just wanna scream!!!..She's so great for draining nut!...That makes me wonder which pic in the set made everybody cream themselves! She drives me CRAZY with LUST!!!
1 year ago 
This is the set where I first saw her in the magazine, can't say how much cum I've spilled over it, dear god she is a dream.
7 years ago 
OMG!!! it's one of the best perfect excitant epic set i have ever seen :-) THX Score and THX Felicia to exist. I'm absolutly in love with her. ciao ciao...
7 years ago 
Nice set! Love the pictures at the end of the set with her standing straight up
with her hands at her side. Please do this with all your models :)
7 years ago 
Very SEXY!
7 years ago 
Good lord! She's got a beautiful body!!!
7 years ago 
Felicia looks fantastic,would love to have her in cuffs any
7 years ago 
Oh my God I would do aaanything to marry Felicia, she is the most gorgeous, perfectly genetically gifted dream woman earth, she is perfect heaven on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago 

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