Big Boob Photos » Meet Hitomi: The Biggest Japanese Boobs

Meet Hitomi: The Biggest Japanese Boobs

She's the busty supergirl of Japan and she is now here at SCORELAND. Hitomi's a beauty with huge natural tits and a gorgeous, slim 'n' stacked physique. The majority of Japanese women tend to be small breasted and the girls with huge breasts are usually plumpers. Hitomi is a true rarity, a marvel of nature, a living doll. Hitomi's hobbies are karate, cooking and watching baseball and soccer. A girl after your own heart. She adores small dogs, like all hot chicks. Her favorite singer is the famous girl singer Amuro. The diminutive Hitomi (5'1") wears a J-cup bra (she measures 97 centimeters or 38 inches). In SCORELAND's introductory pictorial and video, Hitomi wears a red bra and panties with stockings and red shoes. She is truly a breathtaking sight, Japan's greatest export. It's an honor to have her at SCORELAND. Hitomi and SCORE were made for each other. Domo arigato, Hitomi.
Featuring: Hitomi
Date: July 6th, 2011
Duration: 60

Member Comments

2 months ago 
Since the photo 19 Hitomi has become my favorite model. I can not open a photo series or a video without wanting to masturbate. I let nature speak and often hands are not necessary to overcome this slight problem
3 years ago 
Hitomi is fantastic!!!
7 years ago 
Simply amazing!!
7 years ago 
Big busty Asian! don't get any better than this...
7 years ago 
OMG. Rocket Tits.
7 years ago 
Himtomi at Score? You must have saved her from the quake that
happend overthere.
7 years ago 
this photography lets us down. I cant believe how many shots were wasted. With a model this good its a real shame.
7 years ago 
Sensational - Amazing Naturals on a diminutive frame - wow !!!!
7 years ago 
This is the reason I subscribe
7 years ago 
Nice to see one of my all time fantasy titfucks finally
appearing on my favorite tit site. For a girl who we know
already does hardcore, I'd love to see some unblurred Hitomi
cunt next time, but this is a great start. What a coup for
7 years ago 
You know if you guys brought her to Miami for an in-house Score Studio shoot,
you could probably raffle off tickets to be part of a welcoming committee at the
7 years ago 
It's about time Hitomi came to Score! Thank you all for finally getting her to be a Score girl. Japan's got quite a few more busties worthy of importing, but Hitomi is the current queen.
7 years ago 
Hahaha Leon, I was going to do the same, but I am also going to re-subscribe.
Hitomi is a goddess
7 years ago 
Top Work Scoreland! Hitomi is a fantastic addition.
7 years ago 
Truly one of the most spectacularly beautiful women on Earth!
7 years ago 
Thank You Score, finally she hits western shores!
7 years ago 
Thank You Score, only you guys could pull this off! About time
someone imported this beauty - the best thing out of Japan
since Lexus cars. Now lets see her is some western style
hardcore action.
7 years ago 
Great set. I especially like the photos of her on her back. More Hitomi please.
7 years ago 
I was going to cancel my subscription, but not after this crowning achievement! I
thought I'd never see this piece of exotic perfection grace the Score domain!
Fantastic job guys! Hitomi is a goddess!

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