Shower Flower

Hitomi stands only 5'1" tall. That's tiny for a girl who's boasting J-cup tits! A true genetic rarity, since most Japanese women tend to be small-breasted and the bigger-chested ones tend to have plumperish bodies. Add to that the fact that Hitomi has a gorgeous face and a beautiful body overall and it truly makes her one in how many millions of girls? One boob man sent his thoughts to Scorecard's letter section with this interesting observation: "I spend a lot of time in the Honolulu area. Plenty of Japanese ladies to be seen there, be they "AJA" (American of Japanese Ancestry) or Nihongin tourists from Japan. Spend a day at Honolulu's Ala Moana Center and you'll see what I mean. Lots of mostly petite, female, Japanese eye candy to be seen there. One could spend a year looking at all of the Japanese cuties that arrive in Hawaii daily and you will not see one like Hitomi. She is clearly one of a kind. In all the time I've spent in Hawaii, I have yet to see any Japanese lady as well…

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Featuring: Hitomi
Date: January 16th, 2012
Photos: 52

Member Comments

8 years ago 
What a big-tit Goddess! Fuck I worship her breasts
9 years ago 
She is here on protection from the natural disasters that
happened in Japan. The US may not let her go.
10 years ago 
When the animators who draw all those huge-titted anime girls
need inspiration, I think it's pretty clear who they can look
to! Hitomi is like a busty anime girl come to life!
10 years ago 
Hitomi you are an incredibly sexy woman
10 years ago 
WOW...........some incredible shots there.
10 years ago 
It's great that Score can stay true to it's roots and features incredible busted petite gals like Hitomi in solo action. I hope thsi shower scene are outtakes from a video - thanks a bunch TSG! I hoep we get to see a lot more of Hitomi this way !

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