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Busty Lingerie Party

Detroit's in bad shape due to the collapse of the auto industry but the good folks there should consider themselves fortunate that Janet Jade hasn't packed up and moved out. She's the Motor City's shining star and main asset. SCORE Man Sturg says "I just wanted to add my two cents about the gorgeous gift from above that we call Janet Jade. Janet has to be what God intended when he gave the world women. She is an absolute angel. The creamiest cocoa skin, amazing enormous rack, and an ass that can't be denied. No matter what you look for in a goddess she has it. I think I'm in love." Clearly, Sturg was prepared to fall in love. His fellow SCORE Man K.M. on the other side of the Atlantic ocean may not have prepared to fall in love but he's highly impressed by Janet's anatomy, the kind of bod that makes us breast-men lose a few dozen I.Q. points. "She's truly a phenomenal find. How did God pack so much boob-meat onto that pint-sized frame? Awesome, perfect breasts. Great ass, too.…
Featuring: Janet Jade
Date: June 6th, 2009
Duration: 114

Member Comments

3 years ago 
GREAT set! Lots of naturally hanging shots. I love Janet - her breasts are beautiful, her skin is exquisite, and she has great eyes, too.
8 years ago 
Hi, this is one of Janet Jades best photo sets! Please more of this sexy woman!
8 years ago 
Hallo, Janet Jade ist mein großer Traum - und endlich in einer sexy Aufmachung. Davon wünsche ich mir mehr!
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