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Bridge To Eden

This bridge goes to heaven...because Jasmine Black is on it. Jasmine was able to negotiate this old structure while wearing sky-high heels, a great feat in itself. Jasmine is fun-loving and hot-blooded (she's Romanian. Romanian women are hot-blooded and fiery). When she fucks, she fucks with meaning. People comment all the time about Jasmine's gorgeous face and beautiful body. A smile is her usual expression. Jasmine's perfect smile has the power to turn the male brain into mush. She doesn't work at It just happens. In SCOREtv episode 9, Jasmine prepared a fruit salad, topless, and sprayed her breasts with whipped cream. She then fed some of her fruit salad to hungry Kristy Klenot, who was posing for photographer Peter Wall, to Terry Nova in the make-up chair and to Karina Hart. It made Jasmine happy to see them eat. All SCORE Men should have a girl like Jasmine to feed them fruit and suck their cocks. We'll be seeing more of Jasmine in 2009. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to…
Featuring: Jasmine Black
Date: February 4th, 2009
Duration: 60
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