Sweet, Stacked & Dicked-down

Sweet, Stacked & Dicked-down

Most European SCORE Girls are firebrands. Jessie Simmons is a bashful girl.

"I don't have any fantasies," Jessie said. "I'm a shy girl without much experience."

The photographer told Jessie to forget about the camera, to ignore it, and let her fuck partner, Matt, take charge. "Just be yourself, pretend you are at home with your boyfriend and act naturally." And that's what Jessie did.

Jessie said she has never had sex in public and has never been with a girl. But who knows what these girls will do in the future.

"I'm too shy for sex outside. I prefer romantic sex. I like kissing. I've never had any kinky sex. I'm a regular girl."

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Featuring: Jessie Simmons and Matt Ice
Date: June 21st, 2020
Photos: 125

Member Comments

After all the guy is so important in XXX movie. He comes with his body, his cock and his balls. and must surely keep the dick at attention a much longer time than I (we) can hold. The girl brings her often beautiful body and her science of "fighting". The two make a pair that managed to excite us until orgasm. Without being homo or bi I like to see a nice cock stiffly emptying a nice portion of cum preferably on the breasts or on the face. In the vagina it's wasteful, you do not usually see anything.
My thanks go to the two sometimes three artists without forgetting the photographer
AWESOME SCENE!! Great BJ pics!!! Love it!!!
The great pioneering French porn director Jose Benazeraf once said to an interviewer that you can't really make a porn movie "without showing the guy." P.O.V. angles try to accomplish some of this but every scene can't be P.O.V.

A 2nd solo set of Jessie is scheduled for a future posting.
Guy's face is visible in the first 15 of 16 photos, and I'm noticing this is a trend with Scoreland. Any chance there can be a few photos of just the girl in future hardcore scenes before bringing in the guy?
She's so cute and sexy, with a marvelous pair of boobs. I really love Jessie.

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