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The Chick Next Door

"It's hard finding bras that fit that aren't granny bras, that are actually sexy," Kali West tells us. "Shirts don't fit on top in my size because designers don't think about the girls who are big-chested but skinny. I'm 34 around my ribcage, but I have an F-cup. And I definitely can't find bras that fit, at least not in the stores. I have a couple I bought from Frederick's because they sell them in bigger sizes." Check out Kali's SCORE Interview and learn all about this big-boobed GND (girl-next-door). "My mom used to make me safety-pin my shirts so my cleavage wouldn't show, and as soon as I got to school, I'd take them out. I was like the teacher's pet with the male teachers. They'd stare at my chest. At first, it was a little uncomfortable, but then I got used to it."
Featuring: Kali West
Date: September 16th, 2009
Duration: 29
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