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SCORE Girls who dress like schoolgirls. Did ya love that? How about Kali West? A while ago, she dressed like a streewalker for a hardcore experience (March '09 SCORE). Now she's got the hottie coed look this issue and she's got it down. Tight white top open to below-cleavage level and tied at the bottom, a tiny plaid skirt (a must), white stockings, thong panties graded A+ and high heels. "I wasn't one of those stuck-up snobby girls who thought they were all that and a bag of chips," Kali said. "I was just a good girl who did what she was supposed to do. Went to school, got good grades. I was an A student. I was one of those people who got along with everybody. I was never in a certain clique." Guidance counseling must be a pleasure with students like her.

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Featuring: Kali West
Date: September 8th, 2010
Photos: 70

Member Comments

11 years ago 
I love this woman... She's just so... lush! This is the best Kali West pictorial I've ever seen; more please 8)
11 years ago 
What a beautiful woman. More of Kali please!
11 years ago 
She's PERFECT!!! You can never have enough of her!!
11 years ago 
Great set! Going down on Kali has to be as good as it gets. I love the peach fuzz on her ass. What a lovely woman.
11 years ago 
Okay - now next we should have Kali as a flight attendant - then a nurse, then...
You just be sure to keep bringing Kali, I'll keep having some great fantasies with
your help!

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