Baby On Board

Fresh and tender Kali West was eight months knocked-up when she posed for this mirror pictorial. You may remember Voluptuous editor Maria sneaking into the studio and shooting a Blog video of Kali that day. The use of the mirror adds a new dimension and produces a double-view of her hot body and baby-bump in the same picture. Kali didn't shave her pussy, and her going native is sure to please you hardcore naturists always complaining about the girls shaving. There are some fantastic shots of Kali cupping her tits, staring at the camera with a come-fuck-me expression, her legs open, showing an unobstructed view of her furry clam. From a sweet-faced poolside babe in January '09 Voluptuous to a cock-riding Mamazon to a jackin' pregnant hottie, Kali West has every base covered in record time.

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Featuring: Kali West
Date: April 26th, 2010
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Member Comments

3 years ago 
Big heavy and saggy tits, very large areola, pointing nipples, round belly, HAIRY PUSSY and open juicy pussy all that help me in my morning masturbation
4 years ago 
@Supernova, I doubt Chuck will read your comment. I don't think he's currently a member. Almost every model had a hairy pussy, in varying degrees, during the 1980s and 1990s until shaving started to become the standard. Today Milly Marks and Codi Vore often grow out their pubic hair as does Princess Pumpkins. Still, most models shave for different reasons.
4 years ago 
@Chuck, open your mind, a hairy pussy is the nature way of human female, because we have evolved as human specie developing new habits like shaving pussy with the latest tools that does not mean that we have already drop our identity of mammals with genetics that execute the growing hair on females private areas, open your mind and teach yourself about human evolution history, after that you will never say what you have said, is really showing your lack of information in your own ancestry. HAIRY PUSSY IS THE NATURAL WAY, shaved pussy is a forced state in a female body as a consequence of today's standards of beauty installed globally, that obligates to human females to follow that new path but the natural way is the opposite, HAIRY PUSSY it was the natural way and still will be the natural way regardless the new society beauty standards.
10 years ago 
Chuck is a fucking idiot. Human females are mammals, they have hair on their bodies. Grow up. Kali West is absolutely perfect. I hope she never shaves that hair around her ass.
11 years ago 
Chuck you fuck get your facts right Score and Voluptuous are tit mags and
have always been about tits having a girl show her snatch is more like a
bonus not a requisite.

We should all be glad that your dumbass isn't running the joint. Moron.
11 years ago 
Score, i really don´t wanna see this fake cumshots! Real cum or nothing!
11 years ago 
Chuck is an ass. Awesome pictorial and I'm with Morel- please do a lactation video. Once you play with a pregnant woman whose pussy is always lubed and horny you will enjoy these layouts.
11 years ago 
I love pregnant pictorials, please do more
11 years ago 
I'm really not a fan of prego pictorials, but this one of Kali is exceptional. She exudes sexuality and might have the most beautiful pubic hair on the planet. I love the little panty-skirt. Very sexy.
11 years ago 
Score magazines & Scoreland have run some pictorials of some pretty
preggos over the years, but Kali West may have taken the crown. Not many
pregnant women will wear makeup like that, even when posing. If more did,
there would be less complaints about not getting any while knocked up.
I'd be forgetting to eat or sleep if I could be reseeding that beauty. WOW.
Thanks Score folks!
11 years ago 
Incomprehensibly BEAUTIFUL! In her pregnancy, she is even more beautiful!

Please thank her VERY MUCH for being willing to do this photo shoot. It is spectacular!

Perhaps she would consider a photo shoot when she's lactating.
11 years ago 
I started lookin at these pix and had to stop and throw up! I dont know why on earth anyone man or woman would want to look at a bunch of pubic hair on a womans pussy! Its disgusting, dirty and just plain filthy looking! What the fuck is wrong with you people??? If you ever did a real honest to god survey about this I bet by far most of the people would say they DONT WANT TO SEE PUSSY HAIR!!! But then ive written before and you all never even acknowledged that you received it so i dont expect to hear back from you on this either. Also, Score is a pussy mag as well as a tit mag so why do u have models that wont allow their pussy to be shown, you know like (Ashley Sage Whatever). In short if i had the last word on how Score is run.....this shit wouldnt happen!
11 years ago 
I hope she does a lactation video. :)

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