Baby Mama

"Oh Katarina, you are so beautiful and sexy while you have that baby bump that you make it so rock steel hard all the way through your video. I hope you will do many more like this while you are in this state of womanly perfection."- lonly69

One of the many pro-pregnant comments about Katarina Dubrova.

The sole dissenting voice at SCORELAND was by WomenareAwesome, "I wish women would not do prego shoots. There is nothing more disgusting than this. Sure, I may be the minority, but please, kindly hold off until their done their 9 months. Thanks."

Pregnant shoots have always been controversial. When Lorna Morgan, Kali West, Shyla Shy and other girls were knocked-up, there were two opposing camps, with the pro-pregnant side the majority.

While Kali at eight months did a Tits & Tugs with a guy, she didn't fuck when she was knocked-up. She did soon after she gave birth. Like Shyla Shy, Katarina has gone full-sex. In this "warm-up" before her next XXX scene, Katarina (here at…

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Featuring: Katarina Dubrova
Date: February 1st, 2015
Duration: 50

Member Comments

2 years ago 
"...two opposing camps, with the pro-pregnant side the majority." Old debate but I'd like to cast my vote. MORE BEAUTIFUL PREGGOS!!! I was looking through all of the Score models and every last one of them is absolutely gorgeous. The decision to stop and look at one model over another is based on little things. I favor brunettes over blonds. So i almost passes over Katarina. But when i saw her pregnant, i had to stop and admire her beauty. All women are beautiful, i think any member of Score would agree with that, but preggers are something extra special.
4 years ago 
Jupiter, I agree, but you left out her shapely, sexy legs and gorgeous butt. Before her pregnancy, she also had a perfect hourglass figure. She's stunning.
5 years ago 
Hello dear Score and dear members, I just want to say that she is so beautiful. I must point out to all of you that this stunning beauty not only has her beautiful face, her tremendous big breast, huge dark areolas. She also has one of the most beautiful features in a woman's body. She owns a stunning long pussy labia, dark and large pussy lips that she loves to pull out from time to time in some pictures. She knows she has that unique feature that she loves tho show to us. Thanks Score for bringing this girl to us it is just a dream...
5 years ago 
I'm definitely in the pro-pregnancy camp, especially with a beauty like Katarina! I like that she had drops of milk from her tits in photos 16, 17 & 18. Great set!
5 years ago 
Thank you, thank you, thank you, SCORE editors, for bringing Katarina back again and again during her pregnancy, rather than just doing a one-off shoot. She's goregeous and practically glowing.

Now, I understand there may be a handful of site members who have a problem with naked and sexual displays of bountifully pregnant women. But isn't this just another version of the same old argument any time a photo shoot features some aspect of womanhood that not everyone can get behind (the "hairy vs. shaved" argument comes to mind). Why is it that some people seem to think that every photo shoot posted has to mesh with their own personal interests? Why doesn't it occur to them that the occasional subject matter that turns them off is something that turns on a lot of your other members? You don't like? Then don't look . . .

As for my part, I hope that you'll be able to get at least one more hardcore scene with Katarina deep into her ninth month. Her gorgeous pregnant form makes her a Scoreland Goddess to be worshiped . . .
5 years ago 
I typically shy away from the whole preggo scene but DAMN!! Katarina is the sexiest preggo I have ever seen!! Absolutely fantastic!!
5 years ago 
One beautiful woman and very sexy whether she is pregnant or not. A tremendous turn on.

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