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The Hot Chick

The hot chick. You see her at the beach or at a hotel pool. She shows off her shapely bod in a string bikini, knowing all eyes are following her. She enjoys that. After the beach, the hot chick sits with friends at a sidewalk cafe table in a tiny dress and high heels, supple legs crossed. The hot chick motto: if you have it, flaunt it.

The hot chick's got the X factor, the combination of super-sexy qualities that produce boners wherever she goes. On Miami's South Beach, Kitana Flores is one of those hot chicks. Kitana knows she has the big tits and the horny bod. She's making the most of it and she likes to share the wealth. That's what hot chicks are for. And in the evening, the chances are good that the hot chick will be fucking her brains out.

"I think my boobs have a nice shape," Kitana said. "A lot of women have told me that. One is pointier than the other probably because of how I lie down. But I can make them both pointy. My back is smaller, so that makes my breasts look…
Featuring: Kitana Flores and Brannon Rhodes
Date: April 24th, 2017
Duration: 110
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