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Milky Jugfucker

Lactation fans, rejoice. Kristina Milan's tits are engorged with milk and they are enormous. Huge and leaking moo-juice out of Kristina's nipples without her touching anything. This is a milkman's paradise. Kristina, one of the three queens of the Dominican Republic, hangs out for a chat with her sexo amigo Senor Largo. He pumps Kristina for info about herself. Kristina only speaks Spanish but no problem. Largo translates. Kristina likes a nice dinner and then sex. If she can fuck outside on the beach, so much the better. She developed her big tits early. Now they are packed and filled to capacity with milk. She says that drinking a beer increases her milk production. Beer contains lots of nutrients. Largo wants to know if there is a certain time of the day when Kristina's tits contain more milk but she says that it's all the time; morning, afternoon or evening doesn't make a difference. Largo brings his pal John The Milkman in to work his meat plow through Kristina's cleavage valley…
Featuring: Kristina Milan and John Strange
Date: April 28th, 2011
Duration: 65

Member Comments

1 year ago 
This scene is legendary. Please bring her back! Btw, she is pregnant again...
5 years ago 
OMFG at pic 9! that is SO hot, she looks like she is so ready
for a bit of action. Her tits are unbelievable. I would live
as a slave for this woman to get the chance to fuck them and
drink the milk from them.
7 years ago 
Kristina ..I live to just to watch you
7 years ago 
Bravo Kristina!! You've got the most beautiful heavy hanging and lactating
udders i've EVER seen!! Such a horny sight to behold. I hope you'll keep them
leaking for as long ass possible. Thanks you so much Kristina, you're the best!
7 years ago 
She is a goddess!
7 years ago 
Now this is the body of a goddess!

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