Milky Jugs Mom

"One hot chica" doesn't even begin to describe Kristina Milan and her massive, 40J milky-jugs. So filled with milk were this new mommy's engorged tits following her delivery that the milk leaked out of her nipples and dripped constantly. In some of the photos, Kristina licks her breasts, tasting the cream with her tongue. A showstopper in her tight, low-cut top and mini-skirt, Kristina's bra looks ready to fly off her chest before she removed it. It's a tribute to the manufacturer of that bra that the hooks didn't bend and give way like the cables of a suspension bridge buckling and collapsing during an earthquake. For Voluptuous breast-connoisseurs, Kristina's pair of fleshy pillows may be the very breast a man can get and never to be taken for granted. Ditto for the rest of her. Her post-partum body is sexy, her face is attractive and she carries herself proudly. Wrapping up this edition with Kristina was the way to go!

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Featuring: Kristina Milan
Date: February 22nd, 2011
Duration: 90

Member Comments

2 years ago 
She belongs in the Guinness book of records for being THE most GORGEOUS, PERFECT woman on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 years ago 
She is the reason men like me am addicted to Scoreland. I hope she realizes how many men adore this amazon godess.
8 years ago 
Lovely! I like seeing a buxom woman's breasts being used as they were intended--dripping milk!
9 years ago 
Man oh man she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
I would love to see more of her in many pictorals that I can only dream of.
9 years ago 
Boy would I like to take her body on. She is one of the most naturally beautiful woman I have ever seen. If I was not married I would take her for myself
9 years ago 
Oh yes the tight top shots, the bra shots, the cleavage shots,
the slutty poses and facial expressions....yes yes yes more
more more!!!
9 years ago 
Words simply cannot describe this magnificent girl. Her breasts are heavenly!
9 years ago 
all i can say is WOW !!!!!!!! and pls get her on video !!!!
9 years ago 
More pregnant ladies please
9 years ago 
ooooohhhhh please give us more of this beauty she is sooo gorgeous and i need more
9 years ago 
9 years ago 
...oh and don't forget about the nub to chew on. glorious!!
9 years ago 
Jeez! -- what I wouldn't give for a few minutes with her. I'd love a little cream in my coffee to start the day.
9 years ago 
Beautiful,Beautiful,Beautiful and Grand Tetons with milk. GREAT I can't get enough. Did Kristina do a preggo layout?
9 years ago 
Amazing! More please!
9 years ago 
Holy Smokes! Kristina is so incredibly sexy! Those gigantor milky tits make me
so friggin' hard! I love that milk just ooozes from those big nipples. Can't wait
to see more hardcore of her. Go Kristina Go!
9 years ago 
OMG! What a fantastic photo set! I would love to drink from
those incredible milk bags!
9 years ago 
kristina milan is the best model i've seen in while. keep bringing her back for videos & pics. keep me staying on your website. great job you guys.
9 years ago 
Unreal and amazing. Phenomenal
9 years ago 
Beautiful girl even with regular boobs, spectacular with what she has.
What happened to the rest of her work? At least 2 XXX videos, etc.
9 years ago 
Yehawww!Kristina is in my top 5 favs. Thank you score.
9 years ago 
Fuck me, those massive tits are mind boggling!!!!!! An awesome pair indeed!!
9 years ago 
Fantastic discovery, one of the best ever !
9 years ago 
By the time I got to photograph number 12 I realized I had an
iron bar in my jeans! What would finish this set off nice is 5
pictures of her posing with her tits covered in cum. Thanks
9 years ago 
OH PLEASE PLEASE more. Never more beautiful then now.

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