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What SCORE Men said about Lizzie when she first appeared here: "She is going to be a star looking like that." "I can't get enough of her!" "Gorgeous tits!" "Beautiful and sexy!" "This new model from England is unbelievably gorgeous!" Every comment, even the raunchy ones, about this stunner was a positive. When Lizzie burst into the British tabloid newspapers at 18 and then debuted in SCORE, many thought she would become a familiar face, maybe even emulate the successful modeling longevity of fellow English girl Michelle Bond, also in this month's edition. Since then, Lizzie's modeling activities have been far and few between, steadily decreasing as time went on. An accomplished, expert horse rider, trainer and groom, Lizzie's apt to be found working at a track these days instead of taking her tits out of her bikini for a camera. It's a shame from our point of view but that's how it goes sometimes. As long as they're happy, right? Maybe she'll be back again one day. We'll still bet on…
Featuring: Lizzie Goldsmith
Date: March 3rd, 2009
Duration: 60
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