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Loly comes to us from the same photographer who discovered Romina Lopez, Valeria and several other Latina top-stretchers. He saw Loly in a library and just straight up told her he worked for a big-boobed magazine based in Miami and that he wanted her to pose for him. No hesitation. Loly listened, looked at the magazine that he always carried, and agreed. Before they finally met for the photo shoot, Loly said she looked at herself in the mirror at home trying out some of the poses she saw. She went on SCORELAND and took the tour. "The photographer said that I had a good body for Voluptuous magazine and the right breasts," Loly said in Spanish. "He also thought that I should not shave because he said he knew that a lot of the readers liked a girl with a bush. The only thing I told him that I did not want to do was that I did not want to put a vibrator in my pussy or behind or do anything with another person, man or woman. I was fine to touch and open my pussy." Loly loves reading,…
Featuring: Loly
Date: March 8th, 2010
Duration: 77

Member Comments

8 months ago 
Look at that smile! She was enjoying the heck out of this shoot.
7 years ago 

8 years ago 
Thanks for asking Loly not to shave because I am one of those readers that assigns extra credit to those models that have hair down there. This shoot has everything I like, a girl next door type model with a rocking body. Very hot.
8 years ago 
face is not a 3. have you seen how hideous so many women out there are. this is an a 7-8 face and only due to the teeth. the post partum vagina needs to be manicured not hairless and then the labia needs to be moistened with any lotion so they are pretty.
8 years ago 
love this girl! love the heels as well! great shoot!
8 years ago 
Very nice What a pretty face
8 years ago 
Out of 10

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