Stacked Slut Automobile Club

Stacked Slut Automobile Club

When your car breaks down anywhere, it's never a fun situation. Hours of waiting for help. Missed meetings, meals, sleep, whatever. The expense and aggravation. But over in Europe, the sharper minds have found a way to minimize the agony and maximize the pleasure.

When your car breaks down and you call the Stacked Slut Automobile Club, Lucy Love or someone else with big jugs and a hot mouth and pussy, will be there in a few minutes to get you back up again. But first, they service you. For example, within a few minutes of arriving at the breakdown point, Lucy will have most of your dick in her mouth while her experienced, trained hands methodically squeeze your balls. (For safety's sake, you and Lucy will be on the side of the road on a blanket so another motorist doesn't drive over both of you.)

She'll assume the positions of your choice and take your cock deep, kinda like a meat dipstick only bigger, until you erupt. And every Stacked Slut Automobile Club representative is…
Featuring: Lucy Love and Matt Bird
Date: March 8th, 2016
Duration: 50

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