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A Girl & Her Bras

English Rose Mandy Pearl likes doing laundry like the rest of us. However, when it comes to her delicate female undies and her bras, then that's a different story--at least with us watching her. You'd be happy to help her fold and carry her basket back to her place. Over in the UK, we're happy to say that Mandy has been appearing on a new dating show on ITV called Take Me Out. In this tribute to male degradation, a single guy looking for a date tries his luck on a bunch of girls. They signal their disinterest by switching off a light at their podiums. That gives the host (His Lordship Sir Paddy McGuinness) the chance to say his patented phrase, "No likey, no lighty." The injured bachelor eventually takes his pick of the girls who haven't switched off their lights. Sounds like fun. Not as much fun as watching Mandy's bras dry but fun.
Featuring: Mandy Pearl
Date: January 5th, 2011
Duration: 80

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