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"I Got The Power!"

Maserati is back! The huge-chested super-newcomer (as in 34H-huge) brings her non-stop body, high-energy sex skills and bouncy personality back to The Big Show in "I Got The Power!" or "How A Computer Geek Can Interface His Cable Into a Hot SCORE Girl's Port." Poor Maserati. She's trying to use her laptop but it's too slow. Then it just crashes out completely. What's a sweet bra-buster with limited computer knowledge to do? Call a neighbor who works in IT. So that's exactly what Maserati does. And when he checks out Maserati's system, he does what every IT guy in the world advises first. Check the power cord. Sure enough, that's the problem. Maserati is so relieved that she decides to use Juan for more than his brain. She wants to fuck and suck him good as a reward. There's no app for that! It's Maserati's own big bang theory and it's the right thing to do. He's got the hardware; she's got the software. Why can't gamers, geeks and techies have a chance to suck on massive tits too? If…
Featuring: Maserati and Juan Largo
Date: November 17th, 2011
Duration: 57

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