Micky's Latex Dress

The sight of Micky Bells poured into a tight latex dress can trigger volcanic eruptions around the globe. So we ask all SCORELANDERS to keep this set of pictures a top secret to avert a universal disaster. Thank you for your attention. Latex outfits are usually a mainstay of the fetish world but this number sure looks dynamite on this girl's incredible bod. And Micky's so wholesome, happy and sunny-looking that it just can't make her look like someone who wants to chase a man with a whip in her hand. No, Micky's more the gentle type. "I like a man to kiss me all over my body," Micky revealed. "I want him to make me feel like a queen. I also like it when a man tastes my pussy. That is the best feeling. That is what makes me orgasm the fastest. Sometimes, it is not the actual sex, but the foreplay and the touching before it that makes me feel good." Yes, Micky's a softie at heart and that's the kind of girl you love the most.

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Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: February 6th, 2012
Duration: 78

Member Comments

4 years ago 
Just look at that long, sharp cleavage line and the copious amount of soft, smooth breast flesh she's showing off in that dress...WOW!
7 years ago 
Hot damn! Micky is an absolute feast for the eyes! Never seen
her look sexier.

I also totally agree with Brad. I also enjoy seeing your models
nude (what man doesn't?) but some of us also like to be teased by
a big breasted girl in a skimpy tight dress & boy does Micky ever
deliver! Keep those pics coming guys!
7 years ago 
Micky is always stunning and this shoot is no exception. She kills it and is a total fox. This set is on the Montego Babes DVD and it really is phenomenal. She is so super fine and I'd love to kiss her all over and get way busy tasting the living daylights out of her pussy and bring her to fruition, no problem sweetheart.
7 years ago 
Totally nude - totally hot - totally perfect. Can't wait for more!
7 years ago 
Really great picture set! Thanx a lot!
7 years ago 
Love seeing a babe like Mickey in such a sweet, tight dress. Don't get me wrong, nudity is a must, but your beautiful models are at their best when showing off in a sexy dress or skimpy monokini or some other hot outfit. Awesome!

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