Hairy Pussy, Big Tits & Hot Sex

Hairy Pussy, Big Tits & Hot Sex

Hot chick Mischel Lee: brunette, busty, slender and bushy, was ready for an encore. Her new fuck friend is Joshua. The place they met is a club, as good a place as any to get down for a round of dirty dancing.

Joshua was eager to pet pretty Mischel's furry puss and lick her big boobs. He (and we) rarely see today's girls sporting a curly hairdo to keep their cooch warm. (Shelby Gibson and Cameron Skye are those rare Americans who maintain a bush. Poland's Vanessa Y. has drawn huge props for her va-jay-jay toupee as well as her voluptuous figure.) A thickly thatched pussy seems to always brings out a flash mob of follicle followers.

Mischel wore a super-sexed outfit that she would never wear for public consumption: a tight bra and panties under a black fishnet dress with holes big enough for a shark to swim through. Her punk heels have spikes on the toes but she's not so tough that Joshua can't get into her pants.

He backs Mischel up against a couch that a lot of other couples have…
Featuring: Mischel Lee and Joshua X
Date: January 31st, 2015
Duration: 60

Member Comments

4 years ago 
Its always great to see Mischel fuck, but let's see her next hardcore scene end with that beautifully hairy cunt of hers being creampied.
4 years ago 
What a beautiful young lady. She can have me anytime.

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