Big Boob Photos » The Glass Boob-Squisher

The Glass Boob-Squisher

Newbie Nancy Navarro returns for more fun and games lubricated by lots of oil. Later in the pictorial, when she's doused and soaking with the slippery stuff, Nancy holds up a pane of glass and presses it against her beautiful boobs. It was a very transparent attempt that we saw through. And we give it a Like! Tits on glass are cool. We should do it more often. Nancy is a girl who is very much aware of the effect her tits have on the cerebral cortex of Earthmen living in New York City, her town. She lives with their rapt attention every day in that crowded city. And that's how she ultimately came to be here with dripping knockers. "You know how everybody is insane about the boobs? So I'm like, let me just go and take a few pictures and see how they actually look in pictures and see what everybody is looking at because to me, they just look like regular big boobs. You see something different, so I want to see what everybody's seeing, what they're so insane about. I went on the website…
Featuring: Nancy Navarro
Date: June 10th, 2012
Duration: 70
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