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Private Morning Ritual Part 1

The bathroom and dressing room are private sanctuaries for women, places where they can perform their transformations into their ideal images. This is the room where their daily routines occur, the hidden vault of voluptuousity. Most of us guys don't get to see what they're doing in there, what secrets they are performing. They go in sleepy-eyed with bed-hair and come out sexy bombshells ready for fun. On her second trip to the Bahamas for SCORE, Natalie Fiore gave us her personal tour, showing what she does in the morning, as well as on some early evenings before going out for the night. Go where no man has gone before as our cameras follow Natalie and record the mysteries of the private rituals of a lady. We'd done this in the past with other models but this is the most extensive of them all. "A bubble bath relaxes me in the morning," says Natalie, "and prepares me for the day ahead. I much prefer a luxurious bath to a fast shower, which is how most women get ready for their day."…
Featuring: Natalie Fiore
Date: October 27th, 2010
Duration: 118

Member Comments

6 years ago 
I love this woman's belly button...
7 years ago 
7 years ago 
If Nathalie Fiore ever did an ad campaign for Gilette, she would easily sell more razors that Jeter and Tiger Woods ever could...
7 years ago 
She is a Goddess !! I can't wait to see more of lady Fiore..
7 years ago 
Natalie Is always a pleaser
7 years ago 
I love Natalie, so anything of her is 5 stars. But there are too many shots of her shaving her pussy. More shots needed afterwards playing with her new smooth pussy.

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