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Gingers Have More Fun

A new SCORE Girl with an incredible body, Red Vixen is a 40-year-old wife and mom. ("We've been together for 22 years, married for 18," Red said.) Encouraged by her husband, a longtime SCORE reader like Shelby Gibson's husband, Red also has a career as a model. It took her over a year to decide to apply to TSG. ("I'm kind of a procrastinator, but I'm glad I did it.")

"Within the last three years is when my modeling has really picked up. I've traveled out of state, and now I'm getting into the light adult kind of stuff." Red not only decided to model for SCORE, she decided to go the whole nine inches. Before SCORE, Red had her own website with full-sex videos. "I had my naughty website for a while. My family found out and didn't like it. We would tape it ourselves. It was just an amateur website."

Red kills it in her tight green tube top and booty shorts. Check out the Bonus video version of this set.

Red's first magazine is April '15 SCORE. The…
Featuring: Red Vixen
Date: December 23rd, 2014
Duration: 45

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