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Up For Grabs

There are very few people that a SCORELAND Guy would like to run into in a dark alley. Renee Ross would be one of the exceptions. Not that you'd find Renee frequenting dark alleys, except in our dirty-minded fantasies. And in this dirty-minded fantasy, you WILL run into Renee in a dark alley. And she's dressed like a big-tit hooker because sexy school teachers and sexy maids don't hang out in alleys waiting for someone to fuck and suck. Renee's most recent pictorial was in "Boobfest" as a sexy Euro bar maid. She got a lot of nice props for that mugs and jugs set. Up For Grabs should earn your respect too. So please give the little lady a big hand for her considerable sex appeal and man-pleasing talents. Thank you, Renee. Take all we have. We'll walk home.
Featuring: Renee Ross
Date: April 23rd, 2011
Duration: 70

Member Comments

6 years ago 
You are the greatest model that has graced scoreland, xlgirls. some people think that Samantha is the queen, but renee ross is the legend, she rules these sites, and to me she is the sexiest hottest woman i have ever seen, these skinny bitches have got nothing on her, all the kardashians, the paris hiltons they got nothing on renee ross
6 years ago 
fuckin yum damn ur sexy renee!!!
7 years ago 
Wow Renee, you've really outdone yourself with the numerous unbelievable
horny pussy and asshole spreads! Love it! Thanks Renee!
7 years ago 
My Favorite Model!
7 years ago 
7 years ago 
Renee your the reason i first subscribed to Scoreland. You are beyond sexy beyond beautiful beyond nasty. I really look forward to seeing you. Love you.
7 years ago 
Unbelievable! Incredible! Amazing! This is what perfection looks like. Renee pulls out all the stops in this photo shoot. There are some classic, award winning photos here. Renee's pussy and ass are a tongue magnet. She is absolutely gorgeous in this set!
7 years ago 
What a great gift for Easter. Renee Ross is extremely hot and my personal favourite. This set opens up a new dimension of pleasing, with all the nice close ups.
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