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Stairway To A Busty Angel

Out of the many photo shoots that Roxanne has done, this is the one she's talked about the most. The brunette bra-buster wears a corset and spike-heeled boots and she looks ready for anything.

Has Roxanne ever sexed it up with another girl? "Yeah, I did," Roxanne told us. "She is my best friend. And when we were alone at home, we played. It was an amazing experience. We loved it and made it so many times. Toys, licks and fingers. This is what we were using to satisfy each other."

Roxanne's a university student with deep thoughts when she's not modeling or web-camming, and she combines everything she does into one world, blending sex and the erotic with academics, art, poetry, photography and theater.

"I have discovered many things about fetishes and fantasies and I love to fulfill them. I love to see the psychological part of the fetish. My first fetish might be the hard cock. And I love the idea of expansive breasts. I don't see the orgasm as the full satisfaction. Sometimes I…
Featuring: Roxanne Miller
Date: May 19th, 2013
Duration: 55

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