The Magnificent Mountains Of Roxi Red

The Magnificent Mountains Of Roxi Red

Step back, gentleman, because this lady needs some room. Lots of room. Because Roxi Red is special. Special in the way that Sammie Black, Jenny Hill and Mianna Thomas are. Roxi can boast an amazing, incredible, outstanding natural 38K bra-size. It's a mammary miracle that Roxi has a comparatively slim figure with super-huge, blow-your-mind tits. Roxi tells us her breasts began growing early and she was insecure about the size of her boobs in school. "In high school, I went from DD to H to K," Roxi said. "I was a cheerleader. I was always interested in becoming a model but I was always told that my boobs are too big. But I'm happy to be where I'm at now. This is the first time I've ever done any adult modeling." The fools who dictate what a model should look like have not given Roxi her due but SCORELAND is happy to place her on a pedestal. Roxi learned about us through a friend who recommended that she contact us. A girl after our own hearts, Roxi likes to wear tight-fitting clothes…

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Featuring: Roxi Red
Date: September 12th, 2012
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Member Comments

7 years ago 
love her gigantic tits!!!!
8 years ago 
how has this girl not graced the cover of your magazine yet??? I haven't bought an issue in years(price has just gotten too high). But I wouldn't think twice about buying that one!
8 years ago 
Scoreland, this is one sista that I expect to see winning your Model of the Year
contest and and be on your top model lists for years to come. The last list only
featured one sista - Janet Jade. Now Janet is a worthy inclusion but come on only
her. My dick don't disciminate when it comes to jerking off to fine and busty
naturally endowed ladies. This Roxi gets my dick going just as much as Renee
Ross does.
8 years ago 
I don't need to see Roxi do boy/girls scenes. In fact, i don't care for those much
anyway. However, I do hope that I can see more of Roxi in may solo self
pleasuring layouts like the many that Karina Hart has done. Roxi is such an
amazing looking woman. Just seeing her alone should be a wonderful blessing to
any breastman. Long may she model for Scoreland or wherever else I can see and
jerk off to her fine self.
8 years ago 
Roxi is most beautiful. Does Roxi realize that to a breastman, that she is like a
living goddess to us? Her unusually large but natural and spectacular breasts,
wonderful figure and pretty face all serve to quickly make our cocks very hard
and us extremely happy. We breastmen can't help but worship her very existence
and want to see more of her. Women who look like Roxi are truly modern
marvels of nature. God's work at its finest!

Scoreland, please note that I had let my subscription lapse several months ago.
But as soon as I got of glimpse of Roxi, I immediately renewed it without any
hesitation. Scoreland, if you keep finding and featuring amazing and
unbelievably sexy godesses that even come close to Roxi, I will NEVER let that
subscription lapse again.
8 years ago 
I'm in a Roxi tizzy, day and night reversed, and just had the best 72nd birthday party with you, Roxi, as I write at 5:30am! Can never pleasure you or thank you enough.
8 years ago 
This is Mr. Kelley husband of score model Barbie Kelley. We were in
Miami doing Barbie's photo shoot and just caught a glimpse of this
beautiful lady as the elevator closed. Holy cow this is one sexy
lady....never have I hated so bad to see an elevator door close.....
8 years ago 
I have tried to express my feelings about Roxi Red, but it is difficult. She is just the most gorgeous babe to ever walk this planet, the kind of woman I have always dreamed of.
So, please SCORE, make the most of her, please, and post many, many, many picsets and videos of her.
Can't wait for updates.....................
8 years ago 
Roxi is exactly the girl/woman I have been looking for all my life. If any girl/woman is similar to her it isn't really important. If I had the chance Roxi is the woman I would do whatever it takes to please her; try to understand her,of course love her (not very difficult). So, please make sure you feature her as much as is humanly possible.
And, should she start her own website, I'd be the first to
register, I couldn't possible express the joy and pleasure I feel about Roxi. Lucky bastard who comes near her!!!!!!!!!
8 years ago 
Wonderful, wonderful Roxi. I've been at it since age 17 watching Virginia Bell on stage here at the Palace Burlesque, firm hand on firmer cock. Now you've rejuvenated me to the point that at 71 I'm up at 4:30 am feeling like 17! And determined to keep it up. Is there something special you have for Invincible? How do you expect me to get any sleep?!..Love
8 years ago 
8 years ago 
8 years ago 
What a delicious pictorial to the enth degree! Roxi is painfully gorgeous with beauty and a figure that are without question the stuff of ultimate dreams and fantasies. She is way way hot and so terribly sexy it's redonkulous. She poses beautifully with a warm and inviting gaze. Her figure is SO HOT and she looks so so sweet in the wardrobe and makeup that were chosen. She shows her ultimate pussy in a super fine way and her mammoth boobs are to die for. I love it bigtime! What an amazingly beautiful thing that she decided to do some adult modelling...the universe is in its right place on this beautiful lady for sure. I'm blown away and beyond excited. I so hope she does tons of work with TSG and as Maddien said above, she would be an absolute mega hit in a solo DVD and yes, I would snatch it up in a New York wait, make that a nano second. I really hope and look forward to more super sexy stuff from this gorgeous honey. Roxi babe, thank you!
8 years ago 
roxi an amazing discovery love the pics.
8 years ago 
Scoreland has done it again...marvelous
8 years ago ready!
8 years ago 
Very, very beautiful belly button!
8 years ago 
YES, now that is what I call a full-figure gorgeous women!
8 years ago 
YES PLEASE!!!!! WOW!!!! Defo an amazing discovery!

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