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Creamin' For It

Being on top of a guy and riding his dick is the best way for Scarlet LaVey to make her day. She loves the big cocks. On this day, Rocky has the honors of boning this horny brunette with huge boobs. Wherever Scarlet goes, all male eyes and a lot of jealous female peepers are glued to her chest. "My chest is a magnet!" says Scarlet. She is busty and proud of the attention it brings her. Scarlet's round and curvy ass is another attribute she should be proud of. When she's riding Rocky's hard dick in this scene, her big tits engulfing his face, her butt does a dirty dance, bobbing and twerking on his flesh-hammer, her mams quivering and bouncing. This is a hot chick who wants to fuck at least once a day, and Scarlet makes sure she does.

Scarlet loves it when "a guy rubs his boner all over my body." She likes rough sex, hard and fast. When she's getting fucked to her liking, Scarlet doesn't get into dirty talking. Her mind and body are focused on her partner's cock boring in and out of…
Featuring: Scarlet LaVey and Rocky
Date: March 15th, 2014
Duration: 75
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