Siri, Show Us Your Tatas

"From the time I was 19, I dated women," Siri explained. "Well, I mean I dated women exclusively. I had girlfriends. And then I stopped dating women and I went through my slut phase where I was obsessed with men. Well, I think that every girl goes through a slut phase. Mine just happened after I was a lesbian for a little bit. I went to Spain after college and I was at this party and I met some musicians there. This one guy stared at me the whole time. When the party died down he came over and introduced himself and then three hours later, we had sex. And I was so into it! I had never given a blow job in my life and I deep-throated it the first try! It was crazy. And I loved sex with men after that." And now Siri is sowing her wild oats like a girl on fire. "I'm married and we have been swingers for about a year and a half, now. But I have been in open relationships and very experimental for years." The reaction from mag readers and web members has been big. She cover-debuted in both…

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Featuring: Siri
Date: July 11th, 2012
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Member Comments

6 years ago 
I wanna know when this amazing babe is gonna do a DP Scene!
8 years ago 
siri is absolutly beautiful she right up there with karina
adrianna and valory
8 years ago 
My lovely Siri. I love your face, your eyes, your smile, your boobs, your hips, your delicate pussy, your bumps, your legs. In another words, I love every inch of your marvelous body. Thank you, from France with kisses.
8 years ago 
My dear Siri. I love your eyes, your face, your smile, your boobs, your hips, your delicate pussy, your bumps, your legs. In other words, I love every inch of your marvelous body. Lots of kisses from France :)
8 years ago 
Hello my dear Siri. I love every inch of your wonderful body and your smile is like the sunshine. You are one of the best woman of this site !
8 years ago 
Siri is a stunningly beautiful and sexy woman. I don't think she realizes how sexy she really is. Her legs and ass are incredible and her asshole is like a black hole. Once you are drawn close enough to be caught in its gravitational pull there is no escaping it.
8 years ago 
Sexy voluptuous woman. What a great fuck she'd be!
8 years ago 
An Absolutly Beautiful Woman - Awesome Pair of Legs & Ass. This to me is what Score is about not the stacked ultra slim models that you say is your pedigree standard. She is right up there with Karina Hart, Adrianna & Taylor Steele
8 years ago 
Very nice picture set. Would have loved it if she had been fucking her pussy with a big dildo.
8 years ago 
10 out of 10!
Siri is the new queen of the Big Boob Vixens.
Long live the Queen Siri.
Thanks and as always, more of Siri.

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